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  • Business of blood lines
    By: Tony Koch There is pride in discovering an Aboriginal family background, but some people lie about it to gain undeserved benefits, reports Tony Koch IN the late 1990s when Pauline Hanson gathered tens of thousands of followers to her... read more
  • A black and white case to end a rort
    By: Tony Koch Who has the right to call themselves an Aborigine? Tony Koch reports IF THERE is an issue guaranteed to incite resentment in Australia, it is the revelation that individuals or groups are receiving taxpayer assistance to which... read more
  • Fake Aborigines face inquiry
    By: Tony Koch A NATIONAL inquiry into people posing as indigenous to claim benefits moved closer yesterday as ATSIC backed calls by its deputy chairman Ray Robinson. Mr Robinson has called for a stop to payments to non-indigenous people. He... read more
  • Indigenous leaders want benefits probe
    By: Tony Koch MILLIONS of dollars in taxpayers' funds are said to be paid annually to hundreds of people who fraudulently claim they are of Aboriginal descent. The claim was made yesterday by ATSIC deputy chairman Ray Robinson, who... read more
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