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  • Lib who told Joh where to go supports merger
    THE former Queensland Liberal leader who tore up his party's coalition agreement with Joh Bjelke-Petersen before the 1983 state election, yesterday backed the merger of the coalition parties in Queensland. Pharmacist and company director Terry White... read more
  • Voters did not believe union was a marriage
    By: TONY KOCH COMMENT QUEENSLAND voters, and particularly those in Brisbane, were not convinced that the Liberal and National parties were as united as they would have liked everyone to believe. The mistrust between the two parties traces back... read more
  • An electoral dynasty - QLD DECIDES
    THE list of candidates vying for election to the Queensland parliament on March 21 includes the usual bevy of family members of former MPs trying, in most cases, to take over where Mum or Dad left off. Most prominent is John Bjelke-Petersen, son of the... read more
  • Watchdog turns into lapdog
    COMMENT THE Mabuiag Island rape scandal is just another example of how impotent Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission has become. The organisation, which costs taxpayers $40 million a year, handed the case of the nurse raped in quarters... read more
  • Pauline showed the perils of polls
    COMMENT WHEN considering the electoral chances of any political party in Queensland, it should always be remembered that in 1998, Pauline Hanson's One Nation party secured just under 25 per cent of the vote -- one in four. That was with almost no... read more
  • What if the victims had been white?
    COMMENT THE families and friends of the five people who perished when the Immigration Department vessel Malu Sara sank off Badu Island are far from satisfied with the findings handed down yesterday by Coroner Michael Barnes. The two officers against... read more
  • Labor accused of selling Cape down the river -
    ABORIGINAL leader Noel Pearson has accused the Queensland Government and federal Labor of ``selling out Aborigines'' to secure Greens preferences, warning the move would destroy any chance indigenous people in Cape York had of shedding welfare... read more
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