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  • Packs to give indigenous infants a good start
    EVERY child born in a Queensland indigenous community would receive food, clothing and basic pharmaceuticals -- either free or at token cost -- until the age of four under a scheme beingconsidered by the state Government. The proposal of ``baby... read more
  • Finally, a plan to give Aboriginal kids a future
    COMMENT ALL the intellectually stimulating broad canvas reforms of Noel Pearson and the mission statements of governments about addressing indigenous disadvantage will amount to nothing unless practical means of delivering the services and programs... read more
    EDITORIAL. Queensland's initiative is on-the-ground reconciliation IN order to close the 17-year life expectancy gap between indigenous and other Australians, a vital place to tackle nutrition and health is early childhood. To this end, the... read more
    Addressing Indigenous Disadvantage in Cape York - “Fight for Life” Dr Lara Wieland. Dr Richard Heazlewood. May 2008 Australians are hearing much now about the level of disadvantage and social dysfunction and the concomitant damage being done to... read more
  • Closing the gap
    Now the apology has been made the hard work continues to bridge the wide divide between living and education standards in white and black Australia, writes Tony Koch FOR Aboriginal academic Jacki Huggins who recently retired as the co-chair of... read more
  • Teenagers bashed into having `bonus babies'
    TEENAGE Aboriginal girls in north Queensland who use birth control are being bashed by their partners because they want the girls to get pregnant so they can grab the $4000 commonwealth baby bonus cheque. Lara Wieland, who runs a health clinic on the... read more
  • Young boys gang-raped become predators
    POLICE in the remote indigenous community of Kowanyama on Cape York have interviewed eight pre-teen and teenage boys after reports from doctors that very young boys had been raped by the group, with most of the alleged perpetrators themselves having been... read more
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