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  • Former leader berates ATSIC
    FORMER ATSIC chief Lowitja O'Donoghue has unleashed a furious attack on the disbanded body, claiming its male leaders were preoccupied with drinking, gambling and womanising. At a closed-door meeting in Adelaide yesterday, where indigenous leaders were... read more
  • Sugar Ray convicted but spared jail term
    DUELLING appeals are set to be launched over the conviction of former ATSIC commissioner ``Sugar'' Ray Robinson, who was spared jail after being found guilty of using his position for an improper purpose. Robinson, 62, was placed on a good-behaviour... read more
  • Future can be bright
    The abolition of ATSIC offers a great opportunity for indigenous Australians, writes Stephen Hagan FOLLOWING Prime Minister John Howard's announcement to abolish ATSIC, indigenous Australians need to reflect for a moment and assess where we now stand... read more
  • Indigenous meet the hollow man
    ON MAY 8, 1895, The Cairns Argus newspaper carried a report that read: ``A spectacle was witnessed on the first day of the present month -- a kind of government function that certainly was not creditable to the authorities and should bring a blush of... read more
  • Failed experiment
    Since its inception in 1990, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission has been embroiled in controversy. That is hardly surprising as, in the eyes of many people, the nature of the organisation -- providing exclusively for one section of the... read more
  • London office plan outrages Aborigines
    ABORIGINAL organisations are outraged that their peak body, ATSIC, is to cut regional health and legal budgets so a $3.6 million office can be established in London to lobby international assistance for a ``treaty'' between white and black... read more
  • A black and white case to end a rort
    Who has the right to call themselves an Aborigine? Tony Koch reports IF THERE is an issue guaranteed to incite resentment in Australia, it is the revelation that individuals or groups are receiving taxpayer assistance to which they are not... read more
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