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  • Sugar Ray convicted but spared jail term
    DUELLING appeals are set to be launched over the conviction of former ATSIC commissioner ``Sugar'' Ray Robinson, who was spared jail after being found guilty of using his position for an improper purpose. Robinson, 62, was placed on a good-behaviour... read more
  • Twilight of old radicals INDIGENOUS FUTURE
    By: Peter Sutton The vested interests in indigenous policy are those who still support the old rights campaigns that began in the 1970s, writes Peter Sutton IN the colonial era and soon after, progressives had pushed for the protection of... read more
  • London office plan outrages Aborigines
    ABORIGINAL organisations are outraged that their peak body, ATSIC, is to cut regional health and legal budgets so a $3.6 million office can be established in London to lobby international assistance for a ``treaty'' between white and black... read more
  • A black and white case to end a rort
    Who has the right to call themselves an Aborigine? Tony Koch reports IF THERE is an issue guaranteed to incite resentment in Australia, it is the revelation that individuals or groups are receiving taxpayer assistance to which they are not... read more
  • Time Robinson cleared his name
    FEDERAL Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Herron this week issued a clear warning to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission to be accountable for taxpayers' funds . . . and be transparently so. Two issues of conflict arose, each with a... read more
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