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  • In Cathy's heart, sorry is right thing to do
    CATHY Freeman finds it hard to articulate why her people need an apology, but deep down she knows it's the right thing to do. ``I am not going to try and break down the reasons why an apology should be given,'' she tells The Weekend Australian. ``But... read more
  • Freeman family in `debt' 50 years on
    THE family of Olympic hero Cathy Freeman has been forced to pay a 50-year-old debt of two pounds and five shillings for a pauper's grave left unpaid by the Queensland Protector of Aborigines before they were allowed to bury a relative yesterday. In... read more
  • Once spoken, never forgotten
    Language is such a powerful tool that when somebody uses it well, it is something you remember SOME years ago, several members of the Queensland press gallery accompanied Premier Peter Beattie on the government jet to a function in north... read more
  • Hand-written encouragement for mate
    SIX years ago a young runner from Badu Island in the Torres Strait, Nancy Nona, came to stay with my family. She was completing tertiary studies, but her main purpose in life was to prove herself as a 400m runner. It was no surprise that her hero was... read more
  • We're with you, Cathy
    IT WAS typical of champion athlete Cathy Freeman that she stood in front of the national media on Thursday and said so straightforwardly that her husband, Sandy Bodecker, has cancer and she will stick by his side. That meant she was not going to run... read more
  • Young hoping for a better tomorrow
    `IT MAKES me so sad to hear of people talking about how America is going to bomb Baghdad or Afghanistan into submission as if that is a good thing. They don't see the terrified people, the children who cower from the bombs and bullets. ``They make it... read more
  • Pride and prejudice
    ACCORDING to a poll published on Wednesday, more than eight million Australians watched Cathy Freeman win Olympic gold in the women's 400 metre event on television. It was the most watched sporting event of the Games and almost rivalled the astounding... read more
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