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  • Grantham Flood voice reports
    ... read more
  • Nurse slams rapist's jail sentence
    By: Tony Koch, Sarah Elks THE 30-year-old nurse victim of a violent rape on Mabuiag Island in the Torres Strait two years ago has criticised the six-year sentence the perpetrator received and the judge's recommendation that he be eligible for... read more
  • Mulrunji tip-off spoils case
    By: JAMIE WALKER THE investigation into the 2004 death in custody of Palm Island man Mulrunji Doomadgee was stripped of credibility because of a ``perception of collusion'' between local detectives and the policeman who caused the... read more
  • The pollie who said no
    By: Sue Lappeman (Gold Coast Bulletin) I HAD heard about this mythical creature, the politician integritatis, a sub-species and natural enemy of the more common politician megalomaniac and politician cowardus. Featuring a backbone and the... read more
  • Corruption-buster slams politics of deception
    By: Tony Koch FORMER anti-corruption commissioner Tony Fitzgerald has hit out at what he sees in Australia as an amoral political culture run by a governing class preoccupied with amassing power for itself. The man credited with cleaning up... read more
  • Injury puts focus on police duty of care
    By: Tony Koch CIVIL courts in Queensland appear destined to decide parameters for the duty of care owed by government to frontline emergency personnel injured in the line of duty following action taken by former Toowoomba police officer Sue... read more
  • ADF not bound by civil orders
    By Tony Koch. THE Australian Defence Force has declared it is not bound by civilian court and police orders banning soldiers from access to guns in cases of domestic violence. The military's position was exposed when it dismissed complaints by two... read more
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