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  • Hagan rises to the Times
    By: TONY KOCH MANY newspaper editors have come from humble beginnings, but it is unlikely any could be more basic than that of Aboriginal academic Stephen Hagan, the new head of the National Indigenous Times. Hagan was born 50 years ago, the... read more
  • State vetoes Cape York land clearing
    A Howard government project to enable Aboriginal people on Cape York to build their own homes has been stalled for more than two years because the Queensland Government is insisting that trees in the vast unpopulated region cannot be cleared. The delay... read more
  • New G-G pledges to fight on for Aborigines
    INCOMING governor-general Quentin Bryce feels that, with employment running at high levels, there should be greater concentration on ensuring indigenous Australians are trained to be ``job ready''. Ms Bryce, who has a 30-year history as a fighter for... read more
  • Academic condemns Aboriginal bureaucrats
    TACKLING indigenous disadvantage was being hindered because tens of thousands of people employed in the ``Aboriginal industry'' were simply collecting their salary and serving out time instead of tackling the hard issues, according to a leading... read more
  • Talking with our feet
    THE Corroboree 2000 reconciliation march over the Sydney Harbour Bridge last Sunday which attracted an estimated 250,000 supporters has been analysed in detail by political pundits to glean the real message from ``the people''. There is argument over... read more
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