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  • Ruling debunks custody diagnosis
    CHILD custody determinations in scores of Family Court decisions could be challenged following a ruling debunking parental alienation syndrome, a controversial diagnosis of the effects on a child when one parent denigrates the other. The Psychologists... read more
  • Court's injustices `fail kids'
    IN a suburban Brisbane home, a Christmas tree stands over an array of unopened presents. They bear the names of two children who were supposed to be there at Christmas to share the joy with their mother. But their father refused to obey a Family Court... read more
  • Court `puts parents before children'
    THE Family Court was yesterday accused of putting the interests of parents above the rights of the child when it ordered a nine-year-old boy to live with his stripper mother, whose boyfriend is a convicted child pornography addict. Leading child abuse... read more
  • Doctors hit back at Family Court
    MEDICAL experts who last week accused the Family Court of not caring about children yesterday blasted Chief Justice Diana Bryant for releasing a judgment critical of their evidence. Brisbane psychiatrist Brian Ross said the court's reaction... read more
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