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  • Unfinished tale of two former premiers
    By: TONY KOCH QUEENSLAND Premier Anna Bligh has spent the past week -- and will spend many more weeks -- rushing about putting out bushfires as her Labor government is enveloped in a smoke haze of corruption allegations. Bligh's problem... read more
  • Tony Fitzgerald QC says Joh-era lessons forgotten
    By: Tony Koch, Sean Parnell QUEENSLAND'S pre-eminent corruption reformer Tony Fitzgerald QC broke two decades of silence to warn last night that the state was sliding back to its ``dark past'', in a speech that savaged deals between... read more
  • Corruption fighter sees sordid history repeated
    By: Tony Koch RETIRED Queensland MPs and Labor mates are brokering deals between business and the Bligh cabinet in a system where ``patronage is dispensed and access to government can be purchased'', corruption fighter Tony Fitzgerald QC said... read more
  • Police ads slam Beattie over Palm case
    By: Tony Koch, Padraic Murphy, Additional reporting: Sean Parnell QUEENSLAND'S powerful police union has ignored universal pleas for all parties to ``move on'' after the acquittal of Palm Island policeman Chris Hurley, launching an... read more
  • Cost of cleaning out the Moonlight State
    By: Tony Koch Tony Fitzgerald exposed corruption in Queensland, but it came at a great personal cost. Tony Koch reports IN the mid-1990s, a Queensland minister was discussing a possible appointment to the High Court with a very senior... read more
  • Police accused over island `terror tactics'
    By: Tony Koch Click here to search for full page image in PDF format Click here for image(Library Terminal Only) POLICE on Queensland's riot-torn Palm Island have been accused of using the Aboriginal population as terrorism guinea... read more
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