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  • Positive not punitive the best approach
    By: CHRIS SARRA There are better, cheaper ways of encouraging Aboriginal children to attend school than the FRC's much-trumpeted program WHILE the Family Responsibilities Commission in Queensland may claim it is successful in getting... read more
  • Disagreement on best way to cut truancy
    Education expert Chris Sarra has strongly criticised Noel Pearson's Cape York welfare measures, suggesting his own strategies are more effective in cutting truancy. Dr Sarra, who is executive director of the Stronger Smarter Institute dealing with... read more
  • Threatened parents understand education
    IN 1991 the then Queensland premier, Wayne Goss, made a surprise visit to Aurukun State School on western Cape York. Some 240 children were enrolled at the school, but on that day there were about 20 teachers -- and they almost outnumbered the... read more
  • Communities trial works, despite hiccups
    A YEAR ago, when cutting welfare to parents who don't send their children to school was introduced on a trial basis in four Aboriginal communities in Cape York, alarm was raised that the measure was racist and unenforceable. There have been... read more
  • White township workers defended
    Sarah Elks, Stuart Rintoul, Additional reporting: Sean Parnell EMPLOYERS and unions have defended the quality of staff in indigenous communities after they were branded as ``white trash'' who would not be employed elsewhere, or too busy trying... read more
  • "White trash' let Aborigines down
    Justine Ferrari, Education writer ABORIGINAL Australia is being let down by ``white trash'' workers in education, health, police and public services who hide in remote communities knowing they would never last in mainstream centres. Leading... read more
  • Try to look like you care, Howard
    A LEADING indigenous academic has challenged John Howard to show genuine concern for Aboriginal children instead of appearing scared he would ``catch a disease'' every time he holds a black baby. Chris Sarra, a former Queenslander of the Year who... read more
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