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  • Abbott's Wild Rivers move historic - Pearson
    By: Tony Koch TONY Abbott's private member's bill to overturn controversial Wild Rivers legislation in Queensland was hailed yesterday as ``historic'' by Cape York indigenous leader Noel Pearson. Mr Pearson, who has accused the Queensland... read more
  • Abbott shows the way after a grubby deal
    By: Tony Koch COMMENT ON August 16, 1975, Gough Whitlam handed the deeds to 3300sq km of Wave Hill Station in the Northern Territory to Aboriginal people, demonstrating he was serious about eventually giving land rights to Australia's... read more
  • Teaching job for `Sir Tony'
    BEING addressed by the children as ``Sir Tony'' appeals to the new tutor at Coen State school in Cape York. ``They also call me Mr Tony, but being a monarchist, I like the Sir Tony,'' Opposition families and indigenous affairs spokesman Tony Abbott... read more
  • Get parents who shield abusers: Pearson
    Tony Koch Dennis Shanahan ABORIGINAL leader Noel Pearson has called for criminal charges to be brought against parents who refuse to co-operate with police investigations into child abuse because the abuser is a family member or known to them. Mr... read more
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