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  • The pollie who said no
    By: Sue Lappeman (Gold Coast Bulletin) I HAD heard about this mythical creature, the politician integritatis, a sub-species and natural enemy of the more common politician megalomaniac and politician cowardus. Featuring a backbone and the... read more
  • Both sides corrupt says Fitzgerald
    By: Natasha Bita The Australian. CORRUPTION crusader Tony Fitzgerald took aim at both sides of politics in Queensland yesterday, accusing Labor of having their snouts in the trough and branding the merged Liberal National Party an ``implausible... read more
  • Corruption-buster slams politics of deception
    By: Tony Koch FORMER anti-corruption commissioner Tony Fitzgerald has hit out at what he sees in Australia as an amoral political culture run by a governing class preoccupied with amassing power for itself. The man credited with cleaning up... read more
  • The Liberal who stood up to Joh
    By: TONY KOCH Terry White lost the battle against Joh Bjelke-Petersen but won the war. He and his family now tell their story AFTER the triumph of Joh Bjelke-Petersen's National Party in the 1983 Queensland election and Terry White's... read more
  • Howard letter blasted the Nats
    By: Tony Koch A DEEPLY hurt and embittered John Howard once told a senior Liberal colleague that the Queensland National Party was so discredited it ``does not deserve to wield influence in any future government'' in the state. In private... read more
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