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  • Pathetic excuses perpetuate fraud on children
    By: TONY KOCH COMMENT IT is high time one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on the Australian people was exposed and dealt with in a proper manner. That fraud is the plight of many children in remote communities. If the laws that apply to... read more
  • Schooled by class Klansman
    By: JAMIE WALKER, TONY KOCH, ADDITIONAL REPORTING: SARAH ELKS Questions remain about a teacher's influence on a young murderer ANTHONY Rowlingson was 16 years and 10 months old when he got into his father's gun safe. It was a chilly... read more
  • Sorry story of rape transcripts
    By: Tony Koch A WOMAN who, as a child, was raped by Rockhampton Catholic priest Reginald Durham received a telephone call a year ago from a fellow victim telling her she had confidential court transcripts about her case. She did not believe... read more
  • Husband-killer wins right to his cash
    By: Tony Koch PART of the $350,000 estate of a Gold Coast pensioner bashed to death by his wife could be used to pay her murder trial legal costs. The District Court has ruled $31,500 from the estate could go towards the legal costs. Geoffrey... read more
  • Big-stick law is a joke
    By: Tony Koch After he absconded, I lived in constant, never-ending terror he would kill again' THE Parliament of Queensland -- and more particularly the State Government -- has fallen into the trap of approving legislation which is... read more
  • Insane killer seeks transfer
    By: Tony Koch INSANE killer Claude John Gabriel yesterday asked the Mental Health Review Tribunal for a transfer to Victoria so he could be near his family. Gabriel, 27, who arrived at the in-camera hearing under escort, could soon be... read more
  • Rights and wrongs
    By: Tony Koch EVERY morning from when she was a baby until she turned five, Shannon Clarke woke to the cuddles and love of her big sister, who would dress and feed her before going off to school. They were beautiful times, beautiful memories.... read more
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