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  • Big-stick law is a joke
    By: Tony Koch After he absconded, I lived in constant, never-ending terror he would kill again' THE Parliament of Queensland -- and more particularly the State Government -- has fallen into the trap of approving legislation which is... read more
  • Insane killer seeks transfer
    By: Tony Koch INSANE killer Claude John Gabriel yesterday asked the Mental Health Review Tribunal for a transfer to Victoria so he could be near his family. Gabriel, 27, who arrived at the in-camera hearing under escort, could soon be... read more
  • Rights and wrongs
    By: Tony Koch EVERY morning from when she was a baby until she turned five, Shannon Clarke woke to the cuddles and love of her big sister, who would dress and feed her before going off to school. They were beautiful times, beautiful memories.... read more
  • Family hides as tribunal frees killer
    By: Tony Koch A TERRIFIED mother and her three children are in hiding after she was told the killer of her eldest daughter has been granted leave from mental hospital after just 2 1/2 years. Friends and family of Robyn Clarke have... read more
  • Mum's trial by terror
    By: Tony Koch A DISGRACEFUL outrage has been committed by a Queensland Government bureaucracy on an already traumatised Gold Coast mother and her young children. As reported today, the Mental Health Tribunal's Patient Review Tribunal has... read more
  • Tougher test for `insane' killers
    By: Tony Koch VICIOUS killers and rapists who escape trial by claiming insanity will face tougher scrutiny under a new Mental Health Act. The legislation replaces the existing Mental Health Tribunal with a Mental Health Court which will... read more
    David Solomon contributing editor JUSTICE Richard Chesterman is among a small number of Australian judges who believe that judges rather than juries should assess medical evidence in criminal cases. Last week Justice Chesterman, in the course of a... read more
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