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  • Violent silence
    By: Tony Koch The evacuation of health workers from an Aboriginal community is caused by violence which is neither uncommon nor surprising, writes chief reporter Tony Koch. A YEAR ago, two sons of murdered South African freedom fighter... read more
  • Look back on anger -Yanner.
    By: Tony Koch MURRANDOO Yanner is an irreverent chap, unfettered by pomp or protocol. When I spoke by telephone to him early yesterday, he said the media had been on to him since daybreak, and he'd ``only had time for a dingo's... read more
    By: KOCH A Source: QNP Proud of being in jail: how the Big House is a rite of passage Tony Koch IMAGINE for a moment your life was so desperately hopeless that a more pleasant alternative was to go to jail. That is an improbable fact of... read more
  • Doom City life barbaric
    Doom City life barbaric By: KOCH A Source: QNP The most appalling conditions being experienced by any black people THE sons of murdered South African freedom fighter Steve Biko yesterday described the living conditions of Aborigines in... read more
  • Doomadgee cesspools condemned
    By: KOCH A Source: QNP DOOMADGEE and similar Aboriginal communities are ``cesspools'' that should be done away with, according to Aboriginal leader Murrandoo Yanner. He said this would allow people to live on out-stations away from... read more
  • Yanner learning the lessons of leadership
    By: KOCH A Source: QNP FEISTY Aboriginal leader Murrandoo Yanner has probably learnt more about the role of a spokesman for his people in the past fortnight than in the totality of his tender years in public life. Yanner, chairman of the... read more
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