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  • Mother's life of drugs dooms children
    Tony Koch reports on one woman's long battle with bureaucracy to save her grandson. LIKE any loving mother, the woman wanted her daughter to to lead a normal, happy life. But the seduction of the nightclub scene changed that, and by 16 her... read more
  • Family law underclass
    GAPING anomalies in family law court determinations have created a massive underclass of impoverished and desperate people in Australia -- principally supporting mothers and children. The system -- introduced in the 1980s and designed in marriage... read more
  • Teen kills himself over mum's murder
    By: Glenis Green THE teenage son of a woman murdered by confessed killer Ross Farrah has committed suicide after enduring years of torment over his mother's death. Wade Nash, the 18-year-old son of murdered Sunshine Coast woman Christine Nash,... read more
  • Doctors flout sterilisation law
    SOME subjects concerning basic human rights, which for too long have been discussed only in whispered tones, need bringing into the open. A serious example is the issue concerning termination of pregnancies of intellectually impaired women and... read more
    By TONY KOCH. STATE MP Peter Pyke has had to sell his Corinda home to pay $100,000 in legal bills for defending himself against assault charges and protecting his wife and step- daughter. Mr Pyke is involved in continuing custody litigation in the... read more
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