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    The environmental lobby is jeopardising jobs and clean fuels THE application of the ludicrous Wild Rivers preservation law on Cape York in Queensland provides further evidence that some green extremists have compeletely lost touch with reality. If the... read more
  • Aboriginal jobs `stifled' by legislation
    By: Tony Koch RESTRUCTURING the lives of Aboriginal people away from welfare dependency was more than just ensuring children attended school, but was dependent on their getting real employment and the ability to own their own homes,... read more
  • Fragile seeds in indigenous biofuels scheme
    By: Tony Koch, Jamie Walker QUEENSLAND'S controversial Wild Rivers preservation law atop Cape York threatens to scuttle a breakthrough biofuel project that would free local indigenous communities from welfare dependency, proponents... read more
  • Wild Rivers Act drains Aboriginal hopes
    By: Tony Koch DROUGHT has gripped the country around Coen for three long, bitter years, and it has been a daily battle for Alan Creek and his family to keep their 800 head of brahman-cross breeders alive. Yesterday brought some unexpected help:... read more
  • Holmes a Court and sons on wild river trip
    By: Tony Koch AFTER being roped in by Russell Crowe to save NRL club the Rabbitohs, businessman Peter Holmes a Court has been enlisted by Noel Pearson for his wild rivers campaign. But the Geelong Grammar-educated Holmes a Court has a greater... read more
  • Positive not punitive the best approach
    By: CHRIS SARRA There are better, cheaper ways of encouraging Aboriginal children to attend school than the FRC's much-trumpeted program WHILE the Family Responsibilities Commission in Queensland may claim it is successful in getting... read more
  • Disagreement on best way to cut truancy
    Education expert Chris Sarra has strongly criticised Noel Pearson's Cape York welfare measures, suggesting his own strategies are more effective in cutting truancy. Dr Sarra, who is executive director of the Stronger Smarter Institute dealing with... read more
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