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  • Aboriginality inquiry looms
    A NATIONAL inquiry into fraudulent claimants of Aboriginal benefits loomed yesterday with ATSIC backing its deputy chairman Ray Robinson's call to stop payments to non-indigenous people. Mr Robinson said South Sea Island people were claiming... read more
  • Aboriginal blood feud - Aboriginality???
    MORE than 100 Queenslanders of Sri Lankan descent have received millions of dollars in concessional loans by falsely claiming they were Aboriginal. Aborigines in Bundaberg and Hervey Bay have complained that scores of descendants of the Appo family were... read more
  • Free needles no answer to indigenous abuse
    REAL efforts are being made, we are constantly assured, to ensure that indigenous people on remote communities make their own lifestyle decisions. However, the opposite is the truth. The result is that Aboriginal people are becoming increasingly... read more
  • Critics on both sides take aim at title deal
    'It appears our rights have been bartered away between a state government and federal regime...That's an alarming development as far as indigenous people are concerned' ATSIC chairman Geoff Clark. 'The Federal ALP has turned its back on Queensland... read more
  • Recognising kith and kin
    By: Peter Botsman 'Public and private spending should be contributing to the capacity of people to develop their own solutions' IT'S taken 18 months for the southern media to catch up with Tony Koch, The Courier-Mail and Noel Pearson.... read more
  • Reforms to give dignity
    ONE of the most significant, life-changing events in the lives of indigenous Australians in recent decades will take place next week at Weipa on Cape York. For the past century, commentary on Aboriginal people has centred on their disastrous living... read more
  • Talking with our feet
    THE Corroboree 2000 reconciliation march over the Sydney Harbour Bridge last Sunday which attracted an estimated 250,000 supporters has been analysed in detail by political pundits to glean the real message from ``the people''. There is argument over... read more
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