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  • Mulrunji tip-off spoils case
    By: JAMIE WALKER THE investigation into the 2004 death in custody of Palm Island man Mulrunji Doomadgee was stripped of credibility because of a ``perception of collusion'' between local detectives and the policeman who caused the... read more
  • Top cop's contract renewed, despite scandals
    By: MICHAEL MCKENNA Queensland's crime watchdog is about to turn up the heat on Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson FEW outside the backrooms of the Bligh government's offices could fathom the February announcement that Bob Atkinson would... read more
  • Top cops fed lines to Palm police
    By: Michael McKenna, Tony Koch THE Crime and Misconduct Commission has recommended two senior officers, picked by Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson to review the discredited investigation into the 2004 death in custody of Palm... read more
  • Surely this is a dream become a nightmare
    By: TONY KOCH COMMENT IMAGINE that in 2004 you were a teenager living on Palm Island. You hear that a fisherman you know as Mulrunji has been arrested for being drunk and swearing. You hear he has been taken to jail by a 190cm police... read more
  • Open Palm Is finding urged
    By: TONY KOCH Most of the circumstantial evidence against Chris Hurley is suspect, it is claimed THE coroner investigating the 2004 death in custody of Palm Island Aborigine Mulrunji Doomadgee is being encouraged to deliver an ``open... read more
  • Coroner poised to condemn police union
    By: Tony Koch THE Queensland Police Union's attempts to control information and evidence on the 2004 death in custody of Palm Islander Mulrunji Doomadgee is expected to come under attack when state Coroner Brian Hine delivers his findings in... read more
  • Sinister role of union revealed, but little else
    By: TONY KOCH ANALYSIS IT has taken more than five years, thousands of pages of evidence and statements, the expenditure of millions of dollars, in excess of a month of court time, and still there is no answer as to how Mulrunji Doomadgee died... read more
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