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  • Ex-policeman pleads guilty to rough justice
    By: Tony Koch A FORMER Queensland police officer who chose to dispense his own brand of justice for minor offences yesterday pleaded guilty to three of the most brutal assaults on prisoners witnessed in recent years, with the violence... read more
  • Child abuse study on hold - Cherbourg
    By: Tony Koch THE parliamentary overseer of Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission has suspended a child sexual abuse study, after a researcher expressed alarm about Aboriginal primary school students being exposed to an explicit... read more
  • Failure of the justice system
    The family of Doomadgee has good reason to be angry THE family of Mulrunji Doomadgee is right -- Queensland Police should ``hang their heads in shame'' over his death and the 5 1/2-year saga that followed. On Friday, Deputy Chief Magistrate Brian... read more
  • Killer made hit list of students - KKK link.
    By: Michael McKenna, Tony Koch Click here to search for full page image in PDF format Click here for image(Library Terminal Only) A TEENAGER who murdered his brother in 2007 and disposed of the body with the help of a teacher who was... read more
  • Colluders should be weeded out: Lawyer.
    By: TONY KOCH, JARED OWENS QUEENSLAND Police should ``hang their heads in shame'' over the Coroner's open finding in the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee, his family said yesterday. The Doomadgee family's spokesman and barrister Andrew Boe... read more
    By: Michael McKenna, Tony Koch HE was regarded as a pillar of the community. A well-educated maths teacher, teenage confidante and ordained minister of the unknown Cross of Christ ministeries, one of the many evangelical outlets that dot... read more
  • Teacher jailed for KKK murder cover-up
    By: TONY KOCH A teacher helped a student dump the body of his murdered older brother A QUEENSLAND teacher who confessed to being a senior Ku Klux Klan official was yesterday jailed for eight years after helping a teenage student to dump... read more
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