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  • Dignity, daring as young guns face the floods
    By: TONY KOCH THE January floods in Queensland amounted to the worst natural disaster in the state's history, causing the deaths of more than 30 people and costing billions of dollars in damage and lost production. Many hundreds of... read more
  • Ground zero well known to inquiry member
    By: Tony Koch Click here to search for full page image in PDF format Click here for image(Library Terminal Only) DETAILS of floods at Murphys Creek at the foot of the Toowoomba range will not surprise former Queensland police... read more
  • Grantham residents return to stench of death
    By: Sarah Elks, ADDITIONAL REPORTING: TONY KOCH, AMOS AIKMAN, AMANDA GEARING RESIDENTS of the tiny Lockyer Valley township of Grantham returned to their destroyed homes for the first time yesterday, in a town that smelt like death. Locals... read more
  • Panel has insight ..Murphy's Creek
    By: TONY KOCH, MILANDA ROUT DETAILS of floods at Murphys Creek at the foot of the Toowoomba range will not surprise Jim O'Sullivan, a former Queensland police commissioner and newly appointed member of the commission of inquiry into the flood... read more
  • Produce market fruit for Grantham victims
    By: TONY KOCH A SMALL mercy for shocked communities of the Lockyer Valley. but a welcome one all the same. Sydney produce market operator Les Darcy arrived with $150,000 worth of fruit, vegetables and other goods donated by him and his market... read more
  • PM feels grief in the valley - Grantham
    By: TONY KOCH JULIA Gillard has come face to face with the grief and anguish of Queensland's flood-ravaged Lockyer Valley, where grim-faced police are removing the dead from shattered homes and mud-caked paddocks. As the death toll from the... read more
  • Grantham Flood voice reports
    ... read more
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