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  • Judge sees path to dry lives without crime
    By: TONY KOCH CONTROLS imposed by government on alcohol consumption in indigenous communities in Queensland have been the single most important reason why crime has decreased markedly and the lives of women and children have improved,... read more
  • Dogged action on pig of a man
    By: Tony Koch THIS is a story about a pig called Des who thinks he is a dog. It's also about a bloke called Des, whose wife, Maggie Wilson, thought he was a bit of a pig and so named Des the pig after Des the bloke. Mrs Wilson, a... read more
  • Judge's detour in `rite of passage' to prison
    By: Tony Koch A QUEENSLAND judge has embarked on a personal campaign to demolish a ``cultural'' belief among young Aborigines in remote communities that going to jail is a rite of passage on the path to manhood. Prison -- or ``the big... read more
  • A new dawn for island's lost youth
    By: Tony Koch SIX months ago the future looked bleak for Mornington Island's teenagers as the scourge of petrol-sniffing threatened to cut a swath through the island's youth. Without help, their life prospects were grim -- inevitable brain... read more
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